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Renting a salon studio in Lehi, UT

If you're interested in renting a salon studio in Lehi, Utah, then Serenity Studios has a history of connecting with and helping wellness professionals grow their business and provide a warm and professional atmosphere to do their business.

Affordable salon studios for lease in Lehi

Serenity Studios is focused on helping wellness professionals grow their business. They combine a professional atmosphere with affordable rates that are flexible and designed to promote small business growth for hair stylists, nail artists, tattoo artists, masseuses, estheticians and more.

Short and long term salon studio leases in Lehi

Flexibility is key when starting a new business or when you are looking to grow your existing business. At Serenity Studios we know how stressful it can be to take that next step can be to performing services out of your home and getting into a lease. We work hand in hand with wellness professionals to find a plan that works for their budget and plan.

Book a tour of our salon studios in Lehi

Contact us to book a tour and come in and talk to us in our new salon studios in Lehi, UT. We are located across the street from Skyridge High School. During the tour, we would love to answer your questions about the rental agreement, any fees or deposits required, and what is included in the rental. We also want to show the amenities that are offered and we can even show you some of the current spaces that are being leased and how our wellness professionals have designed and customized their space to fit their needs. Reach out to us today via text, chat, email, give us a call or just come in to our studio! We are excited to meet you and to show you our new studio that is opening soon! Our available spaces are already getting booked and we have a limited quantity still available!

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